where to go


Elounda is a picturesque village in the lovely Mirabello Bay. The inhabitants live mostly from tourism and every summer welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Visit this traditional village, walk along the little harbor and enjoy your lunch or dinner just a breath away from the sea.

Spinalonga is a small island 5 km away from Elounda. It is mainly known as the Leper Island, as that is where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until 1957.

You can visit Spinalonga by boat for a tour of its ruined buildings.


Village Krista is a traditional village with old houses and narrow alleys on the Lassithi mountains.

In the summertime the village is being visited by hundreds of tourists every day. The main street becomes a sea of colour with tablecloths, rugs and other traditional goods hanging outside many of the local shops.

Enjoy walking in the town's neighborhoods, smell the aura and feel like home!


Chrissi, meaning Golden, is a small exotic almost tropical island with a paradise beach in the Libyan Sea. Due to its stunning beauty, it is currently protected as an “Area of Intense Natural Beauty”.

The Golden beach has crystal clear turquoise waters with white and blond sand full of shell fossils. Furth more the surrounding of the forest makes this scenery unique.

Do not miss this earthly paradise!


Ten minutes away from the center of Agios Nikolaos there is Almyros Beach.

A beautiful clean organized beach full of sand! The waters are really shallow and it is ideal for families with children for lots of games in the sea!

The highlight is the small river next to the beach with the icy water for those who are brave enough to try them!


At a distance of only ten minutes by car, there is Voulisma! A beautiful beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Perfect for those who want to enjoy the endless blue! The beach is fully organised with sunbeds and umbrellas and is ideal for families or groups of friends!